The following videos appeared on The Rockbridge Report‘s weekly news broadcasts. All were written, shot and edited personally.

History buffs hope to bring Lewis and Clark trail through Lexington

The adventures of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark are well known, but few are familiar with Clark’s return trip through Lexington. Some local history buffs are looking to change that.


Activists and lawmakers speak out about guns

Proposed changes to gun legislation have some Rockbridge County residents up in arms.  Some are calling for more government control.  Others are calling for more personal accountability.


Dozens of dogs sprint through agility trials

Dog owners guide their canine companions through the 13th annual Star City Canine Agility Trials at Hollins University.


Retired thoroughbreds get second chance at winners’ circle

Many horses face abandonment, euthanasia or slaughter after retiring from the racing world.  But a local horse show is inspiring riders around the country to adopt retired race horses.


Cats cause concern for county

An uncontrolled feral cat population has become a problem for Rockbridge County.  The Rockbridge SPCA is doing everything it can to find families for these felines.