September 05

Women Making Labor Market Leaps Despite Sluggish August Growth

U.S. job growth in August fell short of projections and slowed to its lowest level of the year with only 142,000 jobs added, the Labor Department announced Friday. But growth is still growth. Click here to continue reading. Advertisements

July 18

HIV/AIDS Researcher Joep Lange Remembered as an Optimist

What could have otherwise been an optimistic week for HIV/AIDS research is instead marred by tragedy in the aftermath of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. As many as 100 HIV/AIDS scientists, researchers and activists are believed to have been onboard. The airline is believed to have been shot down by a surface-to-air missile attack in […]

June 12

Counting the Cards at the World Cup

Cautions. Bookings. Yellow cards. They all mean the same thing to a player: tread lightly, or face ejection. Yellow cards are doled out to soccer’s rule breakers when the referee decides an ordinary free kick isn’t enough punishment … Click here to continue reading.

March 05

Intervention in Virginia

The following article was published in the Washington and Lee Law Alumni Magazine Intervention in Virginia Washington and Lee University School of Law alumni are at the forefront of judiciary reform in Virginia. The Hon. Jacqueline Talevi’s specialized court docket in Roanoke is giving veterans a second chance. And it’s making waves throughout the rest […]

August 18

Chickpeas becoming a hot crop for Virginia

FINALIST: SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS MARK OF EXCELLENCE AWARD; Feature Writing, Region 2 Mack Smith’s family has farmed fields near Natural Bridge, Va. for six generations. But Smith’s crops recently caught the eye of Sabra Dipping Company, one of the largest hummus producers in the U.S. Sabra and Smith are now partners in an experimental […]

July 24

Science camp students get medical school experience

A group of middle school students crowded around a large black table at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute. They saw a human body in front of them. One by one, the kids took turns poking, spinning and slicing the figure to a chorus of “Ooh!” and “Cool!” and “Gross!” Science […]

July 14

Changing the world, one Roanoke house at a time

Sixteen-year-old Jim Busic’s knees shook as he and his gang of high schoolers knocked on a stranger’s door in Northwest Roanoke. The homeowner eyed the teens warily. “Is there anything you’d like us to pray about today?” asked Busic. Changing the world, one Roanoke house at a time

July 09

Dog days of Roanoke County lemonade stand

Armed with pitchers, tubs of lemonade mix and an old card table, three grade-school entrepreneurs quenched thirsts and collected quarters at a neighborhood lemonade stand for four years. They’ve now collected more than $700. Dog days of Roanoke County lemonade stand

June 23

Help Wanted: Auto technicians in demand

Advances in automotive technology have paved the way for aspiring auto technicians. But employers are having a hard time finding qualified candidates, said Bob Warren of Duncan Ford near Roanoke, Va. “It used to be that if Johnny wasn’t doing well in school but he was bright, you sent him to work on cars. Those […]

June 22

Roanoke County physical therapist gives health care in Guinea

A back surgery for his congenital birth defect, spina bifida, left 16-year-old Abe confined to a bed for weeks. Roanoke County physical therapist Courtney Waldron taught Abe how to walk again, all while floating aboard an aquatic hospital, complete with X-ray scanners, operating rooms and recovery wards. Roanoke County physical therapist gives health care in […]