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December 11

Protesters Share Common Complaint, Divergent Solutions

“This is the stuff that will be in textbooks that I hope will be taught. This will be in news broadcasts. This is definitely something that’s going to go down in history,” says Fidelia Igwe, a student at Virginia Commonwealth University … Click here to continue reading. Advertisements

November 28

Futurology: Navigating an Uneven Food Landscape

Despite expected gains in curbing world hunger, the world’s food distribution dichotomy is projected to continue over the next four decades as developed countries eat too much, while some developing countries go hungry … Click here to continue reading.

A History of Immigration Reform

More than 300 years of border policy reform has shaped modern immigration legislation in the U.S. Click here to continue reading. The interactive timeline was constructed using Timeline JS.

October 31

Tracking Ebola: How the Virus Spread to the U.S.

A Guinean toddler who died on Dec. 6, 2013, is believed to be “Patient Zero” in the ongoing Ebola outbreak that has killed nearly 5,000 people and touched down in seven different countries … Click here to continue reading. The interactive timeline was constructed using Timeline JS.

October 23

Midterm Election Could Top $4 Billion

The upcoming midterm election is shaping up to be the most expensive of its kind, with almost $2 billion in fundraising still expected to roll in with less than two weeks to go before Election Day. Click here to continue reading.

October 14

10 Things to Know About Ebola

The Ebola virus rampaging through West Africa now stands on America’s doorstep as officials prepare for more patients. But U.S. citizens worried about catching the virus shouldn’t lock their doors and shut themselves off from society just yet. It’s important to understand the disease to have any chance of avoiding – and eventually quelling – […]

October 14

Data Mine: Presidential Trip Tracker

Prospective presidential candidates have kept their cards close to their chests as 2016’s election looms. U.S. News & World Report is tracking politicians’ trips to early primary states, adding clarity to who is campaigning and where. As part of the tracker’s research team, I am scheduled to present the project to MediaShift’s Collab/Space D.C. event at The […]

October 02

Which Country Drinks the Most Booze?

A recent study shows U.S. vino consumption has given the French something to whine about as America becomes the world’s largest wine consumer. Click here to continue reading.

September 30

Wildlife Populations Half of What They Were in 1970

A disturbing report released by the World Wildlife Fund Tuesday estimates that Earth holds less than half as many animals as it did roughly 40 years ago. Global wildlife populations shrunk by 52 percent between 1970 and 2010, according to the group’s biennial Living Planet Report. Click here to continue reading.

September 24

Smart Glasses vs. Smart Phones: Which Augments Reality Better?

Desperately hunting down items on a grocery list? There’s an app for that. Choosing a shade of makeup that exactly matches a particular skin tone? There’s an app for that, too. Want this kind of technology without shelling out hundreds of dollars for cutting-edge smart glasses? To a degree, there are some smartphone and tablet apps for […]